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Why should you put us to work for you?

Since we are not employees,
1. We do not require Office and Office Appliances
2. We do not require long term committments
3. We do not require Computer and software investment
4. We do not require Health Insurance, Workman's Compensation and the other aggravations associated with employees
5 What you will get will be professionalism, excellence and engineering products that will be delivered at competitive prices.

These days, many customers are demanding that small machine shops set up Quality Engineering departments, complete with Inspectors and Quality Engineers. We can help in this regard. Even when your customers are not demanding it,your machine shop or production house can look considerably more impressive once they know that you have a Quality Engineering department.

We will support you in case of customer visits and presentations as necessary. All these are offered at the fraction of the cost of having a Quality Engineering department. Moreover, you can turn us on and off as you please. AECo can be your off-site Quality Engineering department. Of course, we will require a reasonable noticefor employees to travel to your company site. AECo can write your Quality Assurance Plan, Test Plans and reports, establish inspection levels (AQL) and conduct all levels of inspection including First Article Inspection (FAI), Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT) and Acceptance Tests(AT)

If there are questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to call our Director of Engineering and we shall do our best to be of service to you.

Director of Engineering
Allitek Engineering Company (AECo)

5 Gloucester Court
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136


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